Patch Notes

for Way of the Passive Fist

Steam - PC


July 27, 2018

Steam - Mac

Steam - Linux



Xbox One






July 27, 2018

July 27, 2018

July 15, 2018

July 22, 2018

July 26, 2018


  • Technical
  • Fixed bug in that would cause a crash if you defeat the Final Boss and Level Up at the same time


  • Technical
  • Fixed bug in PASSIVERSE MODE where obtaining an ability orb after having obtained all abilities would cause a crash
  • Fixed bug in PASSIVERSE MODE where the game would crash when certain challenges were selected
  • PS4
  • Fixed bug unique to players using a PS4 Pro with an HD display where the game would not display on screen correctly


New Dawn Update

  • An Epilogue Story with 5 new Stages


  • Unlocked after completing Story Mode


  • Players with existing Story Save Data (with at least CH1 completed) will have New Dawn content automatically unlocked

  • A new rogue-lite survival mode


  • Unlocked along with New Dawn


  • Accessed from the New Dawn sub-menu

  • Story Mode Updates
  • Streamlined Story Mode


  • Improved pacing and difficulty curve


  • Due to changes to the entire structure, Story progress is reset for all players

  • Menu Updates
  • Main Menu visual update


  • Loading Screen visual update


  • Added 'Extras' Menu


  • Extras Menu includes new setting: 'Score Style'


  • Credits and Statistics accessible from Extras

  • UI Updates
  • Score Style allows points that emit from the player to be changed to descriptors or emoticons

  • Updated the end of encounter sequence to be faster

  • Updated the Gold/Silver Rank Up events so that they are visible when hitting both at once


  • Added colored particles on parry, dodge and catch actions

  • Gameplay
  • New 'Shadow Warrior' enemy type added

  • New 'Robo Clone' enemy added


  • New enemy variations added

  • Boss variations added

  • Fixed Green Robot hitbox when it misses a grab

  • Sped up the Wanderer's 'get up' animation

  • Caught projectiles can hit any enemy, not just the enemy that originally threw it


  • New Dawn & Passiverse modes save health level between stages and when quitting / resuming


  • Updated the throw timing of the double knife throwing enemy


  • Audio
  • New music for the New Dawn modes

  • Technical
  • Fixed bug with monitors with non-standard resolutions not saving the resolution setting


  • New Menu Feature
  • Added a Statistics screen, which is accessible from the Options Menu or Pause Menu

  • Improved Scene UI
  • Added score point updates emit from the player on score actions

  • Added combo progress updates as combos increase

  • Added Rank Progress updates when Gold/Silver Medal scores are reached

  • Gameplay
  • Updated the danger zone visualization of the CH2 and CH3 hazards to show the exact area of effect

  • Updated the sensitivity area for opening caches to be more generous

  • Updated land mines in all levels

  • Fixed shoulder-check move missing on tired enemies

  • Updated the enemy AI to avoid middle-fight pathing

  • Updated enemy AI to improve enemy cycling

  • Visual / Audio
  • Updated the environmental presentation of the Final Boss fight

  • Updated character ground impact sounds

  • Added explosions to robotic enemies on death

  • Fixed disintegrations for non-robot enemies

  • Technical
  • Fixed sound sync issue when game is suspended on Xbox One

  • Fixed a rare crash on throwback

  • Fixed Steam PC screen capture shortcut